VIP Exclusive Interview with Ashton Kutcher





Pickwick & Weller, Ashton Kutcher’s newest clothing line and latest project, hosted an exclusive private launch party in the hip and trendy SOMA district of San Francisco for their spring/summer collection. Welcomed with basil gimlets and pomegranate cosmos, VIP Socialite had exclusive access to Gallery 16 where the fresh collection of high-end t-shirts made their debut.

Pickwick & Weller boasts quality craftsmanship and great design as being at the heart of what they do, and with luxurious fabrics like silk, cashmere, supima cotton, and modal-cotton blends, they absolutely deliver on their promise to bring sophisticated and polished garments to the market for the modern, casual professional.
Donning a baseball cap, hoodie, and of course a crisp white Pickwick & Weller t-shirt at the event, the charmingly charismatic Ashton Kutcher exuded his infamous humor when explaining to us that after working with Georgio Armani at many points in his career, there was no way he could forget the way this reputable designer would drill the idea into his head that there was an exact science to creating the perfect men’s t-shirt sleeve length – directly below the deltoid and right above the bicep. If only he had proceeded to take off his hoodie to don his arms and convince us further.
All joking aside, Kutcher, with his his talented team, took this lesson and have done just that, creating not only a comfortable, quality t-shirt, but a perfectly fitted one as well – a point freely tested and proven at the event as attendees were given the opportunity to try on the latest designs themselves during the party only to be awed by its soft texture and made-just-for-me fit.
Ryan Donahue, co-founder and creative director of Pickwick & Weller, warmly welcomed VIP Socialite to learn more about their mission to continually develop and innovate the creative professional’s work attire. We definitely plan to take him up on his offer to learn more and are excited to watch for what we are sure will be tremendous growth and undeniable success.
As all t-shirts are designed, produced, and manufactured in Los Angeles, with many tees prices below $30, we can’t think of a better way to dig deeper into the details of this simply chic collection than to follow it to the source. With that said, readers can expect to learn more about the latest products, trends, and happenings by Pickwick & Weller right here at VIP Socialite.

Fashionably Yours,
Brittany Diaz